Bigi Wins “Friendly Brand Of The Year 2023” At Media Consortium Conference And Awards 2023

Bigi, a flagship brand of Rite Foods Limited, has been honoured with the prestigious “Friendly Brand of the Year 2023” award at the inaugural Media Consortium Conference and Awards (MCCA) held on September 28, 2023, at the Sheraton Hotel in Lagos. The conference, themed “Consumer Journey in a Digital Age: Prospects and Challenges,” united industry leaders and experts to explore the ever-evolving consumer landscape and underscore the vital role of customer-centric approaches.

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The Media Consortium Conference and Awards (MCCA) 2023 marked a significant milestone by emphasizing the necessity for brands to adapt to the ever-changing consumer journey, maintain transparency in data collection and usage, and safeguard customer data privacy. In a world where digitalisation continues to redefine consumer interactions, this recognition reaffirms Bigi Cola’s commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of its consumers.

During the conference, industry experts and thought leaders convened to share valuable insights and best practices for thriving in the digital age. They highlighted the importance of maintaining continuous consumer engagement and prioritizing customer-centric approaches as essential keys to success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Biola Aransiola, the Assistant Brand Manager of Bigi, expressed profound gratitude to the Media Consortium and the esteemed industry professionals who acknowledged Bigi’s remarkable contributions. She stated, “it is an honour to receive the ‘Friendly Brand of the Year 2023’ award. This recognition speaks to Bigi’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products and memorable experiences to our loyal consumers. We remain steadfast in our dedication to placing consumers at the heart of our brand strategy.”

The “Friendly Brand of the Year 2023” award underscores Bigi’s dedication to excellence and its exceptional ability to cultivate meaningful connections with consumers in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Rite Foods Limited remains resolute in its mission to deliver innovative, top-quality products while continually prioritising the preferences and needs of its valued customers.


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