Creativity And Innovation Of Nigeria’s Youth Key To Building a Sustainable Future – SystemSpecs

SystemSpecs Holdings Limited (SHL) a prominent technology solutions provider, has joined other organisations in strengthening their backing for youth-driven innovations and technology adoption at the 2023 Innovation Makers Challenge (IMC) Conference which took place recently at the Eko Convention Center in Lagos.

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The IMC is a maiden youth-centric event by the Telecommunications and Technology Sustainability Working Group (TTSWG). The conference convened stakeholders, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts from both within and beyond the country, providing an avenue for exploring emergent technologies. The event featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, exhibitions, and a pitch fest.

Henry Eguabor, Head of Brands & Marketing, SystemSpecs Holdings Limited (SHL), emphasised the strategic decision behind the company’s participation in the IMC. Reflecting on the experience, he stated, “Our involvement at this year’s IMC was a compelling affirmation of the dynamic nature of the technology landscape. The event provided a nexus where innovation seamlessly blended with inspiration, underscoring our unwavering dedication to sustainability and recognising the crucial role technology plays in shaping our shared future.”

“The event afforded us invaluable insights into emerging trends and strengthened our conviction in the significance of fostering collaborative efforts to propel positive change.” He added.

Over the past three decades, SystemSpecs has consistently demonstrated a culture of innovation, propelling it to the forefront of various tech-related sectors in the Nigerian and African business ecosystem. A notable manifestation of the group’s commitment to nurturing young talents is exemplified through its annual children’s essay competition. This significant initiative not only serves as a platform for showcasing the creative abilities of young minds but also contributes to the positive development of youth across the nation.

The competition stands as a testament to SystemSpecs proactive role in promoting education and empowering the next generation with opportunities to express and cultivate their intellectual abilities. Recognising the pivotal role of youth in shaping the future of technology, the group actively supports initiatives empowering young individuals, collaborating with key institutions and engaging in youth-focused programs to equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital era.


SystemSpecs Holdings Limited (SHL) stands as a leading provider of financial technology and human resources solutions. With a rich history spanning over three decades, SystemSpecs has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology solutions and services to clients within Nigeria and extending beyond the African continent. The Group encompasses various companies, such as Remita Payment Services Limited (RPSL), HumanManager Limited (HML), SystemSpecs Technology Services Limited (STSL), and SystemSpecs Deelaa Limited, each contributing to the Group’s innovative approach to addressing diverse needs.


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