Diageo Unveils Spirited Xchange Special Releases 2023

Diageo presents this year’s special releases as a small journey around the world. Different finishes in whisky, rum, wine or port casks not only involve Japan or the Caribbean aromatically, but also through the corresponding artistic design of the bottle labels and packaging.

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The ages range from 10 to 27 years, two of the bottlings don’t show an age statement. As usual with the Special Releases, the whiskies were bottled at cask strength. As of today, Diageo is offering the Special Releases 2023 via its own UK online shop, and from 1 October 2023 they will also be available from retailers on the European market.

Master Blender Dr Stuart Morrison said: “This year, we’re proudly revealing our new series of distillery-first expressions: Spirited Xchange Special Releases 2023. For me, Spirited Xchange is about identifying and celebrating the ideas, flavours, and tastes that surround us each day and inspire our curiosity to create. This collection has given us the opportunity to roam freely through our vast portfolio and experiment with old and new cask types, including various wine and local spirits casks to create eight one-of-a-kind expressions that we’ve never imagined before.”

The Spirited Xchange Special Releases 2023 in detail

Mortlach “The Katana’s Edge” with a finish in ex-Kanosuke Japanese Whisky and ex-Pinot Noir casks. Aromatically, it offers a flash of umami that permeates the ripe, fruity sweetness, according to Diageo. No age statement, 58% vol, RRP £250.

Singleton of Glendullan “The Silken Gown” with a finish in Chardonnay de Bourgogne French Oak casks, full of warm toffee and rippling layers of buttery golden fruit. 14 years, 55% vol, RRP £132.

Talisker “The Wild Explorador”, finished in White, Tawny and Ruby port casks, spicy currents and waves of dark fruit, rounded off with a dash of sea salt. No age statement, 59.7% vol, RRP £120.

Lagavulin “The Ink of Legends” with a finish in Don Julio Añejo tequila casks. An aromatic blend of bright herbs and juicy plums. 12 years, 56.4% vol, RRP £155.

Roseisle “The Origami Kite” from first fill and refill ex-bourbon casks with sweet vanilla notes and a touch of molasses. Roseisle is part of the Special Releases series for the first time. 12 years, 56.5% vol, RRP £120.

Glenkinchie “The Floral Treasure”, matured in refill American and European barrels and butts. One of the distillery’s oldest bottlings. Glenkinchie presents lush floral aromas and sweet flavours that Diageo says are resembling a spring morning. 27 years, 58.3% vol, RRP £340.

Oban “The Soul of Calypso” with a finish in Carribean Pot Still rum casks, through which aromas of tropical mango fruit and sugar cane emerge. 11 years, 58% vol, RRP £140.

Clynelish “The Jazz Crescendo” from ex-bourbon casks with vanilla and caramel notes. 10 years, 57.5% vol, RRP £165.

Diageo offers more detailed information and tasting notes in a booklet, which you can download here from our website as a pdf.


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