Excitement As Thrillers Travels Presents Free Canadian Visa To Beneficiaries

L R Managing Director Thrillers Travels Dr Moses Adebisi presenting Canadian Visa to Olaitan Awodibu and Dideolu Olaitan Marketing Manager Thrillers Travels Pelumi Adeyemi and Admin Personnel Thrillers Travels Oluwaseun Adeniyi during the Free Canadian Visa Presentation in 50 beneficiaries at the companys headquarters in Lekki area of Lagos yesterday

There was excitements and ecstasies at the corporate headquarters of Thrillers Travels in Lekki area of Lagos State as the company presented 50 persons with Canadian work VISA signaling the beginning of the fulfilment of the company’s promise to empower new set of Nigerians with work VISA to Canada and Europe.

It would be recalled that Thrillers Travels has earlier empowered 1000 beneficiaries with work VISA to Canada through its Thrillers Empowerment Scheme.

The 50 out of 106 people who got their VISAs last week in Lagos joined in September 2023 when Thrillers Travels unveiled its operation as a business in Nigeria. 

Speaking during the presentation ceremony at the Thrillers Travels’ office in Lagos, the Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Thrillers Travels, Dr. Moses Adebisi otherwise knowns as ThisdayMoses said that “Unlike other travels companies in Nigeria, Thrillers Travels is aimed at ensuring that Nigerians gained necessary knowledge in other counties and returned to rebuild the country.”

“We are an empowerment platform and the vision is not about money but national development. We believe that exposure plays a critical factor in national development therefore, we believe that when Nigerians travel to other parts of the world, they should be able to return and build the country based on what they have learned in other environments”, he added.

He revealed that “the VISAs that have been given out today are free of charge.  The beneficiaries only paid the sum of N250,000 VISA processing fee and we took care of every other thing. Our VISA is processed outside Nigeria in conjunction with our partners in Canada.”

Thrillers Travels is currently undergoing a nationwide tour in Kaduna, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Ekiti, Benin and Ibadan and according to him, the organisation will empower 1000 beneficiaries each in these locations.

One of the beneficiaries, Olaitan Awodibu who spoke after receiving his 8 years work VISA to Canada said that “Initially, I had doubted the process until this moment. I joined in September 2023 but when I have not heard anything I thought it was a scam but now, I know it is absolutely true.”

He urged Nigerians to patronize Thrillers Travels because the process is genuine and honest until other travel agencies.

Speaking on the authenticity of the initiative, Dr. Michael Onye, a Lagos -based travel agent stated that other travel agencies go through Thrillers Travels to secure visas for their clients.

He said “Securing visas particularly, Canadian visa is very difficult but Thrillers Travels makes it easy and seamless for us to obtain this visa. I am here to collect visas for my clients and as you can see I have them just 3 months in,” he added.

According to the Marketing Manager Thrillers Travels, Pelumi Adeyemi, “At Thrillers Travels, we believe in honesty and our process is authentic, legitimate and real. Whoever patronages us got his or her visa in due time.”

The Co-founder of Thrillers Travels has revealed that the company is aiming to have migrated over 6.3 million Nigerians in 4 years to be able to marginally empower those who would build the country as a result of their international exposure.

“In 4 years, we would have put in place 6.3 million people that will be empowered with all they would ever need to take over the affairs of this country called Nigeria and take it to the desired destination,” he added.


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