Experience The Ultimate Sports-Watching Experience With LG OLED TVs’ Cutting-Edge AI Processing Technology

LG has recently unveiled its most luminous OLED TVs to date, effectively addressing a longstanding drawback of this panel technology: its compatibility with well-lit, sunlit spaces. The C3 OLED of 2023 has garnered rave reviews, with critics hailing it as an exceptional television devoid of any significant flaws.

Numerous other assessments have also lauded it as one of the finest TVs ever introduced to the market.

Marking the 12th consecutive year that the company’s self-lit TVs have received CES Innovation Award honors, LG has refined its premium TV innovation year after year.

Best TV for Sports with Sport Alert

There are additional factors to consider than just screen size and color expression when looking for a TV that’s excellent for watching sports. A genuine stadium or arena experience requires excellent motion control handling.

Easily stay up to date on your favorite teams with Sports Alert, which is conveniently available on LG TVs. Even when you’re viewing other content, get alerts about when their games are going to start, the score in real-time, and the eventual results. For constant updates, you may also quickly view the next games your teams have and other important details. Sports Alert is straightforward to set up.

How to Use the Sports Alert App on LG TV

You can use the Sports Alert app on your LG TV in two different ways, such as

set an Alarm, view Upcoming Matches and Highlights

How to Set Alarm on Sports Alert App

(1)  Go to the home page of the Sports Alert app and click the name or icon of the team you have added.

(2)  Tap the option Set Alarms and wait for the popup menu to appear at the top right.

(3)  On the Set Alarm menu, you will receive three options mentioned below.

·       Game Start Alarm

·       Real-time Score Alarm

·       Game Result Alarm

Game Start Alarm

By enabling the Game Start Alarm on your LG TV, you will not miss any of the matches of your favorite team. However, there may be times you might have forgotten the match day while streaming the other content on the TV. In such situations, you will receive a popup message regarding the match with the Watch and No Alarm options.

  • By clicking the Watch option, you will be directed to the match.
  • Select the No Alarm option to clear the popup message.

Real-Time Score Alarm

You can get live score updates of your favorite matches by enabling the Real-time Score Alarm option on your LG TV. So, you will never miss the match update at any cause.

Game Result Alarm

Generally, the Game Result Alarm will pop up at the end of the match. It will let you know the match results in detail. The Game Result Alarm opens with two options: Watch and No Alarm. By clicking any of the options, you can view the match result or clear the notification.

LG Unveils Latest OLED evo at CES 2024

LG is introducing the all-new and expanded OLED TV lineup for 2024 with a cutting-edge AI-powered processor; developed by LG, exclusively designed for OLED TVs. Notably the LG SIGNATURE OLED M4 and LG OLED G4 TVs are equipped with the new α (Alpha) 11 AI processor, which effectively enhances picture and audio quality. This provides a 70 percent improvement in graphic performance and a 30 percent faster processing speed compared to its predecessor.

LG’s newest OLED TVs come with upgraded AI upscaling utilizing precise pixel-level image analysis, to effectively sharpen objects and backgrounds that may appear blurry. All driven by the discerning judgment of the AI itself, the company’s OLED TVs deliver a more clear and vibrant viewing experience. Moreover, the ingenious AI processor adeptly refines colors by analyzing frequently used shades that best convey the mood and emotional elements intended by filmmakers and content creators. Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro splits pictures into blocks and fine-tunes brightness and contrast by analyzing variations in brightness where light enters the scene, creating images that look more three-dimensional.

Besides offering impressive picture quality, AI Sound Pro offers richer and fuller audio while leveraging the built-in speakers’ virtual 11.1.2 surround sound to build the perfect viewing environment. AI technology also effectively separates vocals from the soundtrack to enhance the clarity of dialogue and seamlessly elevates the audio as if it were emanating naturally from the center of its screen.

Ultimate Gaming TV

LG OLED TV’s reputation as the ultimate gaming TV is secure with the latest models featuring several gaming advantages including an impressive 4K 144Hz refresh rate and comprehensive HDMI 2.1 features. These advanced TVs also come with Game Optimizer to let gamers easily switch between display presets designed for different gaming genres, and support NVIDIA G-SYNC® Compatible and AMD FreeSync to eliminate immersion-breaking tearing and stuttering for the most dynamic, true-to-life gaming experience.

webOS Renew program to existing LG Smart TV owners 

LG Electronics (LG) announced that it is offering the latest upgrade of the webOS smart TV platform to owners of older LG Smart TVs, effectively evolving their smart TV into the ultimate home entertainment hub.

With the webOS Re: New program, LG is offering the latest webOS upgrade to existing LG Smart TV owners to give them an up-to-date TV experience for the next five years. This upgrade applies to the company’s 2022 OLED TV models and 2022 QNED Mini LED 8K models, and in the future, will be extended to more LG TV products worldwide as well, enabling the customers who purchase these LG TVs to benefit from distinctive user experiences thanks to the continuous five-year webOS upgrade.

For more information on LG OLED TVs, please visit https://www.lg.com/africa/oled-tvs


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