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What is the Size of Nigeria Mattress Market?

Nigeria Mattress Market is growing at a CAGR of ~% in 2017-2022 and is expected to reach ~USD Mn by 2028. The Nigeria Mattress Market is growing at steady growth in recent years, The country’s increasing population, urbanization, and rising disposable incomes were significant factors contributing to the expanding demand for mattresses. Additionally, growing awareness of the importance of sleep health and improving living standards were driving consumers to invest in more comfortable and high-quality mattresses.

Furthermore, the emergence of e-commerce and online retail channels provided greater accessibility and convenience for consumers to explore and purchase a variety of mattresses.

The Nigeria Mattress Market is experiencing new innovations to meet evolving consumer demands. One notable trend is the adoption of advanced sleep technologies, such as memory foam and hybrid mattresses, providing enhanced comfort and support. Additionally, there is a growing focus on eco-friendly and sustainable mattress options to appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

However, the market faces challenges, including the prevalence of low-cost, low-quality mattresses from unorganized sectors, which can hinder the growth of branded products. Moreover, logistical and infrastructural constraints pose distribution challenges, impacting market accessibility and penetration.

Nigeria Mattress Market by end user

The Nigeria Mattress Market is segmented by Commercial, Hospital, Residential. In the Nigeria Mattress Market , most dominant segment in the market is the residential sector in 2022.

This is due to the significantly larger consumer base of individuals and families purchasing mattresses for their homes. The residential market is driven by factors such as population growth, increasing awareness of the importance of quality sleep, and the replacement demand for old or worn-out mattresses.

Additionally, the residential end-user segment is the dominant player in the France Mattress Market due to the larger consumer base and increasing awareness of the importance of quality sleep.

Nigeria Mattress Market by type of mattresses
The Nigeria Mattress Market is segmented by type of mattresses into Alternating Pressure Mattress, Gel and Hybrid Mattress. Hybrid mattress is dominance in Nigeria in 2022. Alternating Pressure Mattresses and Gel Mattresses, on the other hand, are relatively newer and cater to specific segments of the market.

Alternating Pressure Mattresses are commonly used in medical settings and are designed to help prevent pressure sores in bedridden patients.

Gel mattresses offer enhanced comfort and support, making them popular among consumers seeking a more luxurious sleep experience. Hybrid mattresses combine various materials like memory foam and innerspring to provide a balanced sleep surface.

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Nigeria Mattress Market by Region

The Nigeria Mattress Market is segmented by Region into North, South, East, West In 2022, the west region emerged as the dominant region in the Nigeria Mattress Market, due to its strategic location and industrial infrastructure is gaining more demand.

Additionally, the availability of skilled labor and raw materials in the region contributes to its prominence in mattress production. The concentration of manufacturers in Western Nigeria allows for cost-effective production and efficient distribution to both local and regional markets.

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Competition Scenario in Nigeria Mattress Market
The Mattress Market in Nigeria is highly competitive, with both local and international players compete for market share. Local manufacturers such as Mouka Foam, Vita foam Nigeria, and Dufil Prima Foods are prominent players, offering a wide range of mattresses catering to diverse consumer preferences.

In Additionally, international brands like Serta, Simmons, and tempur-pedic have also entered the market, providing consumers with premium options. The competition is fueled by factors like product innovation, pricing strategies, and marketing efforts to capture the growing demand for quality mattresses in Nigeria’s expanding population.

Therefore, as companies strive to outperform their competitors, they invest in research and development, which leads to the introduction of new mattress technologies and materials, ultimately driving market growth and catering to the evolving needs and preferences of Nigerian consumers.

What is the Expected Future Outlook for the Overall Nigeria Mattress Market?

The Nigeria Mattress Market was valued at USD ~Million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach USD ~ Million by the end of 2028, witnessing a CAGR of ~% during the forecast period 2022-2028.

Nigeria Mattress Market, driven by various factors and ongoing innovations. As Nigeria continues to develop its tourism industry and healthcare infrastructure, there will be a growing need for mattresses in hotels, resorts, hospitals, and clinics, further contributing to market expansion.

Moreover, the rising urbanization and increasing disposable incomes in Nigeria have contributed to a growing middle-class population. With higher purchasing power, consumers are likely to invest in better-quality and more comfortable mattresses to enhance their sleep quality and overall well-being.

Additionally, as people become more conscious of the benefits of getting adequate and restful sleep, they are likely to seek better mattresses that offer superior support and comfort.Moreover, smart mattress technology, with features like sleep tracking and adjustable firmness, is gaining traction among tech-savvy consumers seeking personalized sleep experiences.

However, the market also faces certain challenges. The presence of counterfeit and low-quality mattresses remains a concern, as it can erode consumer trust and hinder the growth of established brands.


Furthermore, the increasing penetration of e-commerce and online shopping in Nigeria has opened up new distribution channels for mattress retailers. Consumers now have the option to explore and purchase mattresses online, making it more convenient and accessible to shop for their bedding needs.

However, the Nigeria Mattress Market also faces certain challenges that may impact its future outlook. Economic fluctuations and currency devaluation could affect consumer spending and demand for non-essential products like mattresses.

Despite these challenges, the Nigeria Mattress Market is expected to grow due to favourable demographic trends, increasing urbanization, and the focus on sleep health. The rise of e-commerce and the expansion of distribution networks will enhance market accessibility, making mattresses available to a broader consumer base.

Therefore, the market’s competitiveness and the need for sustainable practices are challenges that companies must address to capitalize on the market’s potential advantages.

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Market Taxomony

By Type of Mattress
• Alternating Pressure Mattress
• Gel
• Hybrid Mattress
• Innerspring
• Latex Mattresses
• Memory Foam

By Size
• King
• Super King
• Queen
• Twin

By Business Model
• Lease
• Outright Sale

By Distribution Channel
• Retail
• Direct

By End User
• Commercial
• Hospitals
• Residential

Major Players across the Nigeria Covered in the Report
• Euro products Nigeria ltd
• Mouka Foam
• Polly Foam
• Teju Industries
• Vitafoam Nigeria ltd
• Vono Products Plc
• Arco Foam

Research Sources
Secondary Research
• Company Reports & Websites
• ROC Filings
• Online Magazines
• Newspapers & Journals
• Online Articles
• Ministries of the Related Industries
• Government Associations
• Industry Journals/Portals
• Investor Presentations & Company Profiles

Time Period Captured
• Historical Period – 2017-2022
• Base Period – 2022
• Forecast Period – 2022 -2028

Key Factors Considered in the Report
• Nigeria Mattress Market Overview
• Executive Summary
• Market size and Segmentation of the Nigeria Mattress Market, 2017-2022
• The government regulation and Growth driver
• SWOT Analysis
• Government Regulations/Initiatives for Market
• Growth Drivers of the Nigeria Mattress Market
• Issues and Challenges of the Nigeria Mattress Market
• COVID-19 Impact on the Overall Nigeria Mattress Market
• Future Market Forecast for Nigeria Mattress Market and by Segments, 2022-2027
• Company Profiles of Nigeria Mattress Market Players
• Analyst Recommendations

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