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Gerety Rocks Cannes Once Again

The 2023 Gerety Awards rocked Cannes with their VIP BBQ party that celebrated the recently announced shortlist along with Gerety judges from around the world.

 As has become a Gerety BBQ tradition, everyone was given a beautiful brooch on arrival with one lucky guest winning an incredible prize. Ingrid Bragemann, Founder & Ex Producer at Tantor Films explained: “Pearl Island is an enchanting destination known for its natural beauty and captivating experiences.

During our unforgettable BBQ session with Gerety Awards, our guests had the chance to win this unique prize. A stay of 6 days and 7 nights on this remarkable island all In.

The opportunity to offer such an incredible prize was made possible by the generous owners of Pearl Island.

Their commitment to sharing the miracles of the island with others is truly admirable. Their vision and commitment have transformed Pearl Island into a haven of luxury, relaxation and adventure.

What makes Pearl Island so special is the unique combination of pristine beaches, lush tropical forests and crystal clear waters.

Visitors are greeted by idyllic white sand beaches where they can soak up the sun and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. I am very excited about the chance to share this beauty and give our winners the opportunity to experience it themselves too.

The combination of natural splendor, sustainable practices and unparalleled luxury will make their visit to Pearl Island an experience they will remember for a lifetime.”

Cannes most unforgettable VIP BBQ and shortlist celebration was made possible with support from Tantor Films, MSQ, MullenLowe Group, VMLY&R, Mastercard, Owned, Sinners & Saints, TAPROD and Amp.Amsterdam.

The 2023 Shortlist can be seen at www.geretyawards.com

To learn more about the Gerety jury’s shortlist decision you can rewatch on demand HERE Jury Insight panels from Colombia, USA, UK, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Spain, India, UAE and AU/NZ.

The Grand jury have now commenced jury duty in choosing the final winners which will be announced in September.

 About The Gerety Awards

Named for Frances Gerety, the copywriter who in 1948 coined the slogan “A diamond is forever”.

The Gerety Awards brings together a jury to select the best in advertising from a powerful perspective, creating a benchmark that is relevant to the market reality, all while redefining the standard to which advertising has traditionally been held.

GERETY TALKS: Just like the award show, the Gerety Talks series puts some of the marketing and creative industries’ true changemakers in the spotlight and at the center of the conversation for a refreshing take on what leadership looks like.

Weekly episodes at www.geretyawards.comEmail: contact@geretyawards.com


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