Henkel To Empower 100,000 Unemployed Youths Through Peer-to-Peer Initiative

Henkel, a leading German multinational, and renowned manufacturer of WAW detergent brands in Nigeria, has  explained its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) initiative is a beacon of promise in the Nation’s economic landscape to commemorate international youth’s day

Birthed in 2017, amid the significant global economic turbulence, due the oil glut, the innovative Peer-to-Peer (P2P) initiative, aimed directly at bolstering the nation’s economy through youth empowerment. This groundbreaking initiative was not merely a reactive measure, but a proactive strategy aimed at stimulating innovation, and generating job opportunities. The cornerstone of P2P was to transform these young, unemployed individuals into shrewd, street-smart entrepreneurs, arming them with the skills and resources necessary to navigate the challenging economic terrain.

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Four years on, the narrative resounds with success. Over 250 Nigerian youth, once on the hunt for opportunities, are now the harbingers of them, their entrepreneurial journeys painting a vivid tableau of resilience and ambition.

Rajat Kapur, Chairman/Manager of Henkel, encapsulated the company’s expansive vision, articulating, “Our ambition extends beyond mere numbers. By forging partnerships with diverse states, we aim to catalyze the entrepreneurial spirit across West Africa, fostering a robust ecosystem of growth and innovation.”

Chidera Akwuba, Transformation and PAG Manager insightfully remarked, “At Henkel, innovation is deeply rooted in our DNA. The P2P initiative is a testament to our commitment to pioneering transformative and forward-thinking solutions tailored for the Nigerian youths.

But P2P’s story isn’t confined to figures. Its broader impact has carved pathways for young visionaries, instilling in them not just skills, but a renewed sense of purpose. Narratives of beneficiaries like Rufai Karu and Esther Abdul Ganiyu attest to the transformative touch of this initiative.

While P2P’s accolades are many, for Henkel, the journey is far from its zenith. With sights set on empowering a formidable 100,000 Nigerian youths, Henkel today, on the canvas of International Youth Day, reinforces its steadfast pledge to a vibrant and thriving nation.

With its brands, innovations and technologies, Henkel holds leading market positions worldwide in the industrial and consumer businesses. The Adhesive Technologies business unit is global leader in the market for adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings. With Consumer Brands, the company holds leading positions especially in hair care and laundry & home care in many markets and categories around the world. The company’s three strongest brands are Loctite, Persil and Schwarzkopf. In fiscal 2022, Henkel reported sales of more than 22 billion euros and adjusted operating profit of around 2.3 billion euros.


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