How Heddydecor Innovative Offerings Define Event Industry In South-West Nigeria

As an emerging market with a population of over two hundred million people, Nigeria remains a center of attraction for different events. In fact, events vary for different occasions and purposes in Nigeria, most big events require the services of professional event managers or organizers in order to deliver on promise.

To achieve this, an event management company like Heddydecor is a company to beat. Heddydecor is one of the growing and impactful brands that ensures others around it grow and impact the world at large.

The brand was selected among top Nigeria event planners’ delegates to represent Nigeria and Africa at the Dubai Global excellence wedding award 2023 which took place in January 2023, and also awarded among top fastest growing 100 SMEs in Nigeria by BusinessDay newspaper.

Also, the brand was part of the top Nigeria planner who visited Ghana in 2022 to discuss how Ghana and Nigeria event sector could foster relationships and development among so many other awards he has received,

In 2019, the brand was nominated for the award of best event decorator of the year by the professional event planner’s association, and also awarded as the event management brand of the year 2021 in the Entrepreneur Africa Awards a feat that put the brand on its toes to ensure that it continued to stay ahead.

Despite the fact that, 2022 was described as a tough year for event business in Nigeria due to heightened inflation on goods and services, Chief Executive Officer of Heddydecor, Adefila Titus Adebola said, ‘Because of the vision of the brand this encouraged us to forge ahead and invest more into several businesses also expanding our scope into the media arm which led to an exponential growth for the company at large in both local and international market’.

While speaking on the events the company handled last year, Adebola stated that the life celebration of Pa Eboda the father of the founder of Harvest House Christian Centre, and also events of renowned people in the city of Ibadan and Lagos state.

While highlighting on the company’s expectations for 2023, the Heddydecor boss said, “Simply put is for a better country, that would encourage young entrepreneurs like myself to be better and invest more into the Nigeria economy and also encourage foreign investors to come into the country so that the manufacturing and production sector can function well.”

By this, he said that ‘It would have a positive impact on our economy. Also, we hope we would have a good leader who would take development as priority in the country thereby making all of the youth who have left the country come back to be a useful tool in the country’s development.” Adebola added.

For him, the event management landscape in Nigeria is quite competitive, as there is always someone who can offer a lower price but deliver poorly. So, it’s always essential for our client and customers to understand that the price we offer give the best output, but since we are known for quality and premium service delivery, the competition is not a major problem for us as we just ensure we get our clients satisfaction in all of our deliveries so this has helped us to stay ahead of our competitors.

“Heddy Decorations and Event Planning Services is into everything, we mainly decorate and plan events for our clients. We handle seminars, weddings, funerals, birthdays, rentals of event properties, lighting, screens and 360booth etc.” He noted.


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