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“I Look Forward To Seeing The Mind Blowing Entries From Across The World From Topical Generative AI That Will Be Judged From A Unique Perspective”

Gerety announces a final deadline extension of May 12th and calls for entries into emerging commerce. All categories at Gerety accept entries for emerging commerce like Generative AI (ChatGPT, Bard or Dall-E).Ongay, Gerety co-founder says “ Gerety gives validation to agencies and your clients that the work resonates.

The same work that will be winning at the other shows this year should also be submitted at Gerety, the makeup of the jury shouldn’t change that, and winning will prove it is effective with a female audience”.

The 2023 Gerety Awards final deadline will be May 12. The shortlist will be announced shortly after and will include works from the new and highly topical category for emerging commerce.

Winners will include the use of new channels like the Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain, AI, AR, and other advanced technologies and tools.

Bunmi Oke, CEO/Lead Consultant Ladybird Ltd. Nigeria “A new category for Gerety Awards & the world at large is emerging commerce. I look forward to seeing the mind blowing entries from across the world from topical Generative AI(ChatGPT,Bard or Dall-E) that will be judged from the unique perspective of an all female jury from representatives from across all continents of the world.

I am excited to be representing Nigeria, from the continent of Africa!!!”Gerety winners receive unprecedented press recognition and are included in national and global rankings like the World Creative Ranking.Enter the 2023 Gerety Awards before the final deadline of May 12th: www.geretyawards.com


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