Inlaks Promotes Women’s Inclusion In Celebration Of International Women’s Day

Inlaks, a leading ICT infrastructure and systems integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa, proudly joins the global community in celebrating the accomplishments of women to commemorate the International Women’s Day. This annual event is dedicated to honoring women’s achievements, addressing challenges, and advocating for women’s rights and inclusion.

This year’s theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” highlights the importance of women’s participation in creating a more equitable and inclusive world. Inlaks organized two panel sessions featuring women and men from various business units within the organization. These sessions focused on discussions about inclusion and its significance for progress and growth.

Adetokunbo Ayo-Ogunsanya, Group Head of Human Resources and Administration at Inlaks, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to supporting women’s growth and empowerment. She emphasized the pivotal role women play in driving innovation, creativity, and success when given equal opportunities.

“At Inlaks, we understand that empowering women is not just a moral obligation but also a strategic imperative. Our goal is to foster an inclusive workplace where women can unleash their full potential,” stated Adetokunbo Ayo-Ogunsanya.

The panel discussions underscored the importance of empowering women through mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities, and policies promoting work-life integration. Panelists also highlighted the need to create a supportive environment that fosters equal opportunities for genders in both professional and societal settings.

In addition to celebrating International Women’s Day, Inlaks remains steadfast in its commitment to providing an equitable growth platform for all employees. Adetokunbo Ayo-Ogunsanya emphasized the company’s dedication to promoting efficiency and equality within its workforce.

“As we mark International Women’s Day, we must actively champion inclusivity across all facets of life, including workplaces and homes. Inlaks is aligned with these ideals, striving to ensure every voice is heard, every idea is valued, and every individual feels empowered to succeed,” remarked Adetokunbo Ayo-Ogunsanya.


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