Miss World Curacao 2024, Nashaira Belisa Takes Project OMI to Lagos Orphanage and School

Miss World Curacao 2024, and Curaçao’s delegate to Miss World 2024 in India, Nashaira Belisa, an influential humanitarian and businesswoman, has launched PROJECT OMI.

OMI meaning water, is a transformative initiative focused on addressing the critical need for clean water in orphanages and communities across Nigeria and Ghana.

The project, aptly named OMI is a testament to Belisa’s commitment to making a lasting impact beyond the realm of beauty pageants.

Belisa’s dedication to clean water accessibility is deeply rooted in her experience as Miss Curaçao, where she witnessed the privilege of having one of the world’s best water systems.

However, the contrast in some parts of the world, where people lack access to clean water, prompted her to take action. Currently residing in Africa, specifically Nigeria, she has expanded Project OMI beyond a simple water supply system.

The initiative transcends traditional philanthropy, evolving into a comprehensive approach that involves the construction of boreholes and establishing effective water maintenance systems.

The Makoko community in Lagos is a focal point for this endeavor, where sustainable access to clean water is becoming a reality.

Her advocacy gains urgency considering the alarming statistic that approximately 3.5 million people succumb yearly to diseases related to contaminated water. Belisa views her role as Miss World not merely as a title but as a responsibility to address this crisis through Project OMI, making tangible strides toward achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals of universal access to clean water and sanitation.

The recent intervention at Mawumadoka School and Orphanage Home in Makoko showcased the project’s tangible impact, earning praise from community leaders.

Through Project OMI, Nashaira Belisa stands as a beacon of transformative outreach, exemplifying the fusion of beauty, intelligence, and empathy in making a meaningful impact on a global scale.

She is changing the world, one drop of water at a time.


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