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OUR RESPONSE:  Perception Survey On The First 60 Days Of President Bola Tinubu Administration 

We appreciate the intense emotions and debate sparked by the aforementioned study conducted by CMC Connect LLP (Perception Consulting), especially given the challenges Nigerians are currently facing.


Our decision to conduct the survey was motivated by a desire to deepen our democracy through public feedback that can assist the government feel the pulse of the people.  

The report includes numerous perspectives for constructively engaging the present government, and we encourage everyone to read it beyond the sensational headlines. Also, there is a significant variance dependent on crucial research criteria such as demography, sample size, and time.  

With over 30 years of proven experience as a leading Perception Consulting firm in Nigeria, our track record is driven by integrity and commitment to excellence.    

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We are happy to share our methodology to demonstrate that we followed global professional standards in conducting surveys of this type and assure the public that it is free of influence from any source, including funding of the exercise, which was entirely undertaken by our firm as part of our corporate social responsibility.  


We have just evaluated the data we received from the field, and we will like to encourage more Nigerians to participate in similar survey on a regular basis to help promote good governance, advance our democracy, economy, and ultimately, the nation. 


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