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Supa Komano Launches New TV Commercial, Redefines The Art Of Visual Storytelling

Every good commercial is a cocktail of different elements – from the characters to the visuals, and even the sound. Each element plays a strategic role in creating a world-class TV commercial. Supa Komando energy drink, in understanding this, takes viewers on a heart-pounding, action-packed journey with breathtaking visuals that transcend the boundaries of traditional advertising.

Supa Komando was first launched in the Nigerian market in 2021 and has remained consistent with its message of courage and determination through its compelling TV commercials. The brand is designed to empower individuals to conquer their goals and give them the energy to Fire On and seize the day. It has consistently showcased across its communication channels that one is capable of overcoming challenges by tapping into their inner strength.

Supa Komando energy drink has become the energy drink of choice in the Nigerian market with its unique taste and colorful packaging since its launch. In 2022, the brand also introduced a pack extension in a 50cl PET bottle, staying true to its promise to offer consumers more ways to enjoy their favorite energy drink.

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To convey the brand’s messages effectively and capture the attention of its audience from the very first frame, Supa Komando uses visual storytelling to engage its consumers. The recent TVC titled ‘The Jump Off’ aptly redefined the art of storytelling through its use of ingenious visual elements, a compelling narrative arc, and impactful messaging. It has continued to inspire and engage audiences on a whole new level since its release.

The advertisement follows the journey of a secret agent trying to complete a mission before time runs out. The story’s arc is designed to evoke admiration and inspire hope in the viewers by portraying a character that mirrors their own inner fears and aspirations. The TVC strikes a chord with the audience, leaving them eager to witness the character’s triumphant ascent.

Starring former Big Brother Naija housemates Erica Nlewedim, Saskay Edeh, Cross Okonkwo, and Yousef Garba, along with the “Energy Gad” Do2tun, the TVC opens with a captivating frame of Saskay trying to complete a mission before time runs out. The dark hues and dynamic cinematography set the tone for the action-packed TVC. Each shot is meticulously crafted to evoke emotion and capture the essence of the brand.

Irrespective of the dialogues, the visuals speak a language of their own, painting a vivid picture that effortlessly conveys the brand’s message. From the wild chase through a flight of stairs to jumping over buildings, the TVC takes the audience on a visual journey, drawing them into the heart of the story.

But it’s not all about the visuals. At the core of Supa Komando’s TVC lies a compelling narrative arc that has become its trademark over the years, utilizing well-crafted scenes that always unfold to reveal the transformation of their characters from a state of peril to one of empowerment and triumph.


While Supa Komando is, undoubtedly, an energy drink, its TVC transcends the typical beverage advertisement. The brand’s messaging goes beyond promoting a mere product; it encompasses a message of inspiration and self-belief. The TVC encourages viewers to embrace their inner strength, find courage in the face of challenges, and rise to their full potential.

By aligning the brand’s messaging with a powerful narrative, Supa Komando positions itself as more than just an energy drink – it becomes a symbol of empowerment that resonates with a broader audience. It is no surprise, then, that the TVC garnered widespread acclaim and sparked discussions on social media platforms, with many lauding the TVC as the best in advertising.

The TVC has, through its artistry, narrative brilliance, and impactful messaging, touched the hearts of millions, inspiring them to embrace their inner strength and believe in the possibility of triumph. Supa Komando’s TVC remains a shining example of how a brand can truly engage and inspire audiences, leaving a legacy that goes far beyond the realms of traditional commercials.


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