TTSWG Advocates For Best Sustainable Practices Towards Employee Wellbeing

The Telecommunication and Technology Working Group (TTSWG), in collaboration with key partners, organised its third webinar, themed “Well-being as a Hallmark of Sustainability in the Technology Sector,” which presented workplace well-being as a pivotal arm of sustainability.

The webinar was held to educate participants on how employers and employees in the Telecom and Technology industries can promote sustainability through global best practices, innovation, and thought leadership while adhering to the UN’s SDGs (sustainable development goals) of good health and well-being.

The focus point of the webinar was the fact that the work environment often presents different occupational pressures that can lead to a build-up of physical or mental ill-health that, in the long-term, may result in loss of time, productivity, and even company credibility. Therefore, it is important to have good working conditions built on occupational health and safety principles to promote business growth through the retention of talent.

Evidently facilitated by qualified scholars, as Lola Esan, a Partner at Workforce Advisory Services, EY West Africa, moderated the event; the panel session included international and foreign experts.

One of these professionals is Dapo Omolade, an international HSE authority with over 20 years’ experience, who kicked off the webinar. He postulated that, “There has to be a system that makes sure the health of the workers’ lives is prolonged even after leaving the company,” in detailing the importance of ensuring the good health of employees.

Carrying on with the discussion on employees’ general health, another panelist, Ian Cooke, the Head of Corporate & Consumer Services at NEBOSH, an organisation that provides health, safety, and environmental qualifications in the UK, elaborated on the role of employees in allowing room for a system that fosters employee wellbeing in the workplace. To quote him, “Give room for leaders in your organisation to consistently practise principles that promote workplace wellbeing.”

Ngozi Ngonadi-Nkwoji, a strategic leader and Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon with over ten years of progressive experience in brand and niche development, was the third of four panelists. Ngozi informed the participants that employers need to realise that it pays better to consider the wellbeing of their employees. “I hope that tech companies realise that reshuffling workers means spending more money. So, they need to create a relaxed work environment,” said Ngozi.

The webinar continued with the easy, consistent flow of the sharing of novel ideas and information. The last speaker later took the floor. Engr. Jamui Badmus, the Executive Director of the Safety Advocacy & Empowerment Foundation, took a strong position on mental health in relation to employee well-being. Following that, each speaker gave their closing remarks.

The entire webinar is now available on the TTSWG YouTube channel.


TTSWG is a multi-stakeholder network of corporate organisations committed to the development of the telecom and technology industries through global best practices, innovation, and thought leadership inbusiness sustainability.


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