“We Pass Time By Watching Airstrikes”: A CNN Producer’s Exclusive Dispatch On Life Inside Gaza

CNN Producer Ibrahim Dahmin and his family have lived in Gaza for years.

Since war broke out, Dahmin has been providing vital insights and updates from the ground as food, fuel and electricity run scarce amid an ongoing barrage of Israeli airstrikes.

The family fled northern Gaza a few days ago for the southern city of Khan Younis, but are still unsafe.

In his latest dispatch, he explains he has been teaching his young children how to survive in case something happens to him and his wife.

“Every night, airstrikes hit Khan Younis,” he explains. “We pass the time by watching airstrikes. There are too many to count.”

He also describes the difficulty of obtaining basic necessities.

“Food is scarce where we are staying. We cook and share whatever we can,” he says. “The tanks are filed with impure water. We try to keep our spirits up. There is camaraderie in the chaos.”



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