Afro And The Beats Unveils Partners

Dr Felix King

Activities leading to the much-anticipated festival scheduled to commence at Agege Stadium on December 23rd, 2022 has commenced in earnest with the organisers of Afro And The Beats unveiling their major partners.

According to the organisers, these partners, which include Goldberg, Desperado and Zagg from the stable of Nigerian Breweries Plc are considered to fit the bill for the number one music and arts festival in Nigeria.

Ororo Pattaya

Afro And The Beats, a youth-based festival platform designed to positively engage the teeming Nigerian youths is geared to thrill afrofellers in music and arts, while offering brands the same platform to interact, engage and sample youthful consumers.

On August 25th, 2022, Worldometer announced that Nigeria’s population stood at 217, 079, 601, with the youths accounting for 70 percent. This number is humongous. This is what Afro And The Beats offers brands that would plug in and leverage the festival. The organisers have said that the festival is targeting two hundred thousand consumers in the multi-venue event scheduled to host December 2022.

According to the Creative Director of the festival, Ororo Pattaya the choice of partners is not far-fetched because the platform is a one that keeps culture going and energizes the youthful population.

“Zagg is an unconventional energy malt drink brewed to perfection, he said, adding that “it’s an experience infused with energy bursts to energise every individual that chooses to be dynamic, non-conforming and unbound by rules, just like Zagg,” Ororo added.

On Desperado, Ororo said “The beer with a kick of Tequila flavour represents the life of the festival. Its attributes compliment the upwardly mobile youths who never settle for less.”

Goldberg truly fits the bill and its partnership with Afro and The Beats is distinct. The beer brand has a specific message of courage, hard work, humility and respect, which is the concept of “Omoluabi’. These attributes can also be identified with Nigerian youths.

Peak Yogurt as a supporting brand would be nourishing consumers at the festival venues. The decision to join the train cannot be overemphasized as the leading yogurt brand in Nigeria always usually seeks platforms like Afro And The Beats to give back to Nigerans as refresh them just like Afro And The Beats Festival refreshes African arts and music for the world to enjoy.


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