Amidst Soaring Inflation, Jiji-Car45,GAC Launch Car Loan In Nigeria

Jiji-Cars45 and GAC Motor Nigeria are partnering to provide affordable car loans to Nigerians.

The partnership between Jiji-Cars45 and GAC Motor Nigeria is aimed at providing affordable car loans to Nigerians, particularly in response to the challenges posed by soaring inflation and high foreign exchange rates, which have driven up the prices of imported vehicles.

The PR and Marketing Head of Jiji Nigeria, Majolie Obaje, highlighted these issues during the GAC Motor Nigeria and Cars45 test drive event in Lagos.

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The partnership’s goal is to address the current situation where dealers are facing difficulties due to reduced car importation and unsold stock in showrooms, as people are not buying cars as much as before. Jiji-Cars45 aims to offer competitive funding options to make it possible for Nigerians to own brand-new cars without having to wait for extended periods.

Majolie Obaje emphasized that the partnership aims to ensure that every household in Nigeria can have access to a good car. The collaboration with GAC Motor will play a crucial role in achieving this goal by providing financing solutions to potential car buyers.


Furthermore, the partnership seeks to streamline the process for customers looking to upgrade their old GAC cars. They can bring their old vehicles to any of the over 70 Cars45 inspection centers in Nigeria for evaluation and sale. This allows customers to sell their used cars quickly and put the funds toward purchasing a new one.

In addition to the affordable car loans, Jiji-Cars45 also boasts an improved turnaround time for selling used cars in Nigeria. The previous timeframe of a minimum of six weeks has been significantly reduced to just 24 hours, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable services for car buyers and sellers in the country.


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