Mamuda Group Unveils Pop Cola Drink, Signs Ahmed Musa As Brand Ambassador

The Kano state-based Mamuda Groups of Companies has unveiled the Pop Cola carbonated soft drink in its new factory in Kano State.

Speaking during the factory commissioning, the Chairman and CEO of the group, Mr Hassan Hammoud, said the diversified business conglomerate has its main sectors as beverages, sacks, mat, foods, tanneries, leather and power plant.

The Chairman further reiterated that the ongoing unveiling of Mamuda Beverages Limited and signing the Nigerian Super Eagles Captain Ahmed Musa as Pop Cola’s brand ambassador is a testament to Mamuda Groups of Company’s commitment to economic growth of Kano and Nigeria as a whole.

pop cola
pop cola
pop cola

According to him, the success and growth of Mamuda group and its businesses can be attributed to the consistency of its standards and strategies.

Revealing the organisation diversification efforts in concrete terms, Mr. Hammond revealed that as part of Mamuda Groups of Company’s drive-in consolidating the efforts of Kano state and the federal government’s in transforming our economy through economic diversification which involves transfiguring the Agricultural sector, the group now consists among others, Mamuda Agro Sacks & Mat.

The manufactures of high-quality Sacks & Mat not only contributes to packaging milled and processed crops especially Rice, but it also plays a role in Nigeria’s exportation drive, he added.

As a supporter of the government’s backward integration policy, Mamuda Groups of company sources its raw materials locally, while also helping in improving Nigerian made products, export and jobs provision.


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