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OAAN Elects Sola Akinsiku As New President

The Out-of-Home Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) has elected marketing communication professional, Sola Akinsiku as the new president of the association.

He was elected at the association’s 38th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Friday, October 27 in Asaba, Delta State.

Akinsiku who took over from Chief Emmanuel Ajufo will steer the leadership of the Association for the next two years.

The new President in his inaugural speech said he is prepared to continue from where the immediate past administration stopped following the footsteps the outgoing president, Chief Emmanuel Ajufo and using the existing pillars and platforms that have been put in place.

“These are pillars of transparency, truthfulness, and forthrightness. They have improved our rating in the industry. They have brought us dignity and respect,” he said.

He said the new executive will work on continuous and constructive engagements with clients, the signage agencies and other critical stakeholders on issues critical to the success and the profitability of members businesses.

“Also taking all the relevant and necessary steps to pursue and accomplish our desire to carve an enviable, legally backed identity for our association and expanding our frontiers beyond the shores of Nigeria, beginning with the African project that our former President began to work on.

“There is also the issue of our academy. We will work it out and bring it to full fruition. I belief that we really deserve to have our own platform to continue to groom and grow the capacity and the capability of our workforce. It will ultimately enhance our output and impact on the productivity of our clients.”

He also harped on continued commitment to the promotion of the welfare and the wellbeing of both the member companies and of the workforce at all levels.

Mr.Olusola Akinsiku is an Ondo born journalist and entrepreneur in the media practice.


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