Regal Deluxe Dry Gin makes Branding Statement As Seaman’s Schnapps Emerges Best Spirit Brand Of The Year

Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin, a smooth gin brand on the stable of Grand Oak Ltd made a poignant statement on branding as it was cynosure of all eyes during the recent Industry Awards held at the Podium event center, Lagos.

The brand, famous for cocktail mixes at high octane social gatherings made a formidable showing at the event it sponsored with brand ambassadors offering guests some servings of the smooth brand while product samples were neatly arranged in a prominent corner of the hall.

Brand Manager Deluxe London Dry Gin Mr Oluwatobi Oluwanisimi third left in a photo session with the Gin brands Brand Ambassadors at the Industry Awards sponsored by the brand recently in Lagos

This is coming against the backdrop of the emergence of Seaman’s Schnapps as the Best Spirit Brand of the year during the award. Seaman’s Schnapps is also a premium Schnapps brand on the stable of Grand Oak Ltd.

Grand Oak Limited, a leading marketing and sales company of Lexcel Group and its premium brands became the toast of industry players who attended the event. Being one of the major sponsors, Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin adorned the event arena with its beautiful colours, roll-up banners and posters which impactfully depict the gin brand’s essence and purpose to all in attendance.

Brand Ambassadors Deluxe London Dry Gin offers guests at Industry Awards Product samples of the smooth gin brand at the Award event fully branded and sponsored by the Gin brand in Lagos recently

Commenting about the Regal Deluxe London Dry Gin branding efforts at the occasion, Marketing Manager, Mr. Gbemileke Lawal said “ the branding initiative is a confirmation and a testament about Grand Oak’s commitment to marketing excellence, adding that it is a way to show the brand’s teeming consumers its true colours and identity;”

“When we have any opportunity to connect with our consumers, we try to make a clear statement about whom we are and how caring we are“ Lawal revealed.

Former President Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria AAAN Mrs Bunmi Oke fourth from right presenting Seamans Schnapps Best Spirit of the Year Award to the Grand Oaks Deluxe Dry Gin Brand Manager Mr Oluwatobi Oluwanisimi third left while a staff of Grand Oak and President Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria OOAN Mr Emmanuel Ajufo look on at the recently held Industry Awards in Lagos

The high-point of the evening, however was the announcement of Seaman’s Schnapps as the winner in the Spirit Brand of the Year Category. According to organizers of the award, Mr. Goddie Ofose, “the popular Seaman’s Schnapps brand emerged winner after a keen review of competitors in its category.”

“The recognition was hinged on the brand’s quality, popularity, market leadership and pre-eminence as a legendary prayer drink in popular cultures.”

Seaman’s Schnapps which has dominated its market category for over 30 years has a rich heritage and loved by many consumers.

L R Brand Manager Deluxe London Dry Gin Mr Oluwatobi Olanisimi Grand Oak Marketing Manager Mr Gbemileke Lawal and two other guests at the recently held Industry Awards Sponsored recently by Deluxe London Dry Gin

Grand Oak Limited’s Regal Deluxe Dry Gin and Seaman’s Schnapps have shown by their presence at the awards event that they are top contenders in the Nigeria’s food and drink sector.

Grand Oak Limited, established in 2006, is part of a Drinks Group of Companies focused on the production, marketing and distribution of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages. The company’s brands, which include Seaman’s Schnapps, Regal Gin, Lord’s London Dry Gin, Bacchus Tonic Wine, 9ja Rhum Cafe, Calypso, Apperito, and Swagga, are well-known and loved by consumers across Nigeria.


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