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SBI Media Group Enters Strategic Partnership With The World’s Challenger Network, Stagwell Global

Rotimi Bankole Group Managing Director SBI Media

Nigeria’s largest independent media agency, SBI Media has entered into strategic partnership with the world challenger network, Stagwell global.

Stagwell is a global network with top-flight creative, research, and media expertise built to transform marketing.

The new global partnership will be an expansion of SBI’s marketing services at the global level beyond Africa and Stagwell’s marketing services expansion into Africa as well.

The partnership will enable SBI Media to collaborate with agencies across Stagwell’s network to scale omnichannel media, content, and production capabilities for leading global brands while Stagwell will also tap into SBI’s rapidly growing digital and traditional media environment with a hyper-localized approach. 

Speaking on the global partnership with Stagwell, Rotimi Bankole, Group Managing Director, SBI Media said “We are pleased to join Stagwell, the world’s challenger marketing network. Stagwell’s vision to transform marketing communications is not only in-sync with our DNA, but it is also at the core of what we stand for at SBI Media Group,”

<strong>L R<strong> <br><strong><em>Taiwo Talabi Public Relations Specialist SBI Media Akeem Akande Finance Manager Streams Media Communications Oludare Ajao Group Finance Manager Rotimi Bankole Group Managing Director Oluwapemi Eze Group Human Resources Manager Alison Oyome Group General Manager Kayode Olowoyeye Assistant General Manager Streams Media Communications Kehinde Oni Manager Streams Media Communications<em><strong>

“Our strategic affiliation with Stagwell is now activated, we are proud to take on the next level of our business growth with such partnership across the board that will not only extend to clients with the best in class performance that they expect but also clearly fulfils our vision to share SBI’s outstanding insights into African audiences, media, and markets.

“The Stagwell partnership with SBI is a strategic one and something challenging because they are bringing what is unusual into the marketing sphere and they look for an agency of repute, record, with African genuineness, African story of starting from the scratch who grows from nothing to become big.”

He added that “In 2013, we floated SBI Media Group, and the Nigerian media and marketing landscape has felt our impact. Our story, culture and impact have transformed the way agencies exist in the larger economy.”

Also commenting on the partnership, Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO, Stagwell said. “With the cementing of our partnership with SBI Media and others, Affiliate Program now empowers Stagwell to scale our modern marketing expertise across six continents, driving further value for our clients,”

“By 2025, two-thirds of African households are expected to have increased consumer power in the global economy. As a worldwide leader in culture-moving creativity and modern marketing services, Stagwell’s growth in the region will guide global brands to engage authentically with consumers across Africa.” The new cohort of affiliates represent best-in-class digital media and global communications services”.

“We are currently in the tech space, I will say we are the tech representatives of the marketing communications because what we do for our clients cannot be quantified by monetary value,” says Alison Oyome, Group General Manager.

<strong>L R<strong> <strong><em>Kayode Olowoyeye Assistant General Manager Streams Media Communications Folahan Olulade Assistant General Manager SBI Media Rotimi Bankole Group Managing Director Alison Oyome Group General Manager Oluwapemi Eze Group Human Resources Manager Kehinde Oni Manager Streams Media Communications Akeem Akande Finance Manager Streams Media Communications<em><strong>

Samuel Odusami, Assistant General Manager, SBI Media UK, stated that “In the next few years, we are going to leverage this partnership for global ambition and relevance impact. It is a very good feeling when you know you have a global team behind you.

Stagwell’s Global Affiliate Program is an agile solution to global expansion, enabling Stagwell to partner with regional experts to drive added value for clients and scale marketing capabilities into new regions. To date, Stagwell has added over50 affiliates to its roster, representing countries across Latin America, MENA, Asia-Pacific, and Eastern Europe.

About Stagwell Inc
Stagwell is the challenger network built to transform marketing. We deliver scaled creative performance for the world’s most ambitious brands, connecting culture-moving creativity with leading-edge technology to harmonize the art and science of marketing.  Led by entrepreneurs, our 10,000+ specialists in 20+ countries are unified under a single purpose: to drive effectiveness and improve business results for their clients.

About SBI Media Group

We are a next-generation media agency built on the culture of bravery, thought leadership and innovation. Serving a diverse clientele of telecoms, technology, aviation, automobile, telecoms, eCommerce, FMCGs financial services and allied industry. SBI is headquartered in Lagos with 20 media professionals in media strategy, research, planning and exchange.

SBI Media is the West African Strategic partner to Masscom Global (MCG), a global network of over 30 agencies in emerging markets and Asia Pacific.

About Streams

A full-service brands’ innovation centre, Streams provides clients with brand and branding development strategies, brand messaging, concept development and production. With a team of talented young techies, Streams support brands with unparalleled digital design in: web, mobile and apps, user interface and experience designs, digital marketing. To learn more about this newsletter and how our professional media strategy services can benefit your brands and businesses, please contact: SBI Media & Streams MCN:


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