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The 2022 LYC’s Rewrite The Script Campaign Launches On Instagram

The Rewrite the Script campaign by the 2022 Loeries Youth Committee (LYC) has launched on Instagram.

Launched last year by the 2021 LYC, the 2022 LYC was challenged to build on the campaign.

Set up in 2021 the Loeries Youth Committee (LYC) comprises of young professionals in the brand communications industry across Africa and the Middle East, typically under 30 years old. Each committee serves a year.

Gender stereotypes

A key focus of the LYC 2021 was to investigate gender stereotypes in the advertising and marketing sector and proactively create a tool that would add value to the industry’s focus on breaking down stereotypes in society.

As a committee they produced Rewrite the Script a campaign that Loeries Youth Committee (LYC) 2021 released to address Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in the brand communication industry in Africa and the Middle East region.

Sparking the conversation

“We wanted to take this further, to the next level,” says LYC member and marketing executive at Topco Media, Alexander Kotchoubei.

The LYC 2022 aunched a new video that hopes to spark the conversation around DE&I.

In addition they recorded the first of a five-part series of podcasts on DE&I.

Current LYC member and account director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Kgantshe Tau explains that the podcasts are an extension of the DE&I campaign launch last year.

“This is a continuation of the campaign from last year. We are building on the idea and bolstering it by having conversations through our podcasts.”


Podcasts launched

The first podcast focuses on an interview by the LYC with an industry thought leader. The next three podcasts will be interviews with the LYC and the last podcast will feature another interview with an industry thought leader.

While the podcast address DE&I in the industry, they also serve to remind the industry of the checklist and to encourage them to use the checklist.

The objectives of the campaign are awareness, education, uptake/participation, advocacy/positive engagement and impact.

Research compiled by The Loeries on Gender Representation in Film Advertising showed that despite the progress by the industry, gender stereotypes are still creeping into the work.

For example one set of results highlighted that on average, men dominated 61% of Speaking Time and 57% of Screen Time, compared to their female counterparts

“While DEI is already integrated into the Loeries, the checklist is a guideline for creatives and the industry to ensure their work is in line with DE&I. The checklist is a tool to assist with awareness,” adds Tau.


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