Experts Espouse Importance Of Tech To Grow $20 Billion Event Industry

L R CEO Kyksie Drapes Event Kikelomo Idowu Convener of BusyBee Event Business Summit Bisi Sotunde SpeakerGroup CEO Wakanow Bayo Adedeji wife Mrs Kemie Adedeji Chairman BusyBee Group Bolaji Sotunde and Abidemi Adeyemi during the BusyBee Event Business Summit Master class in Lagos<br>

The event planning players and other stakeholders in event business in Nigeria have advocated the adoption of technology to deepen the craft of event business and grow the industry that is estimated to value at about $20 billion.

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This assertion was made during the masterclass sessions of the 2023 BusyBee Event Business Summit in Lagos themed: ‘Tech in Event Business- The new narrative, which was delivered by Show Director, Experiential Planner Expo (EPEX) Dubai, Mr. Ibrahim Bashir.

Other speakers at the summit include Group CEO, Wakanow, Mr. Bayo Adedeji, Chief Experience Officer, WOW Connect Services, Ms. Tobi Olanihun, Senior Growth Associate, TIX. Africa, Ms. Arese Osakwe, Founder/CEO, Let’s Talk Event, Mr. Kunmi Ariyo, Founder/CEO, Ife’ctive Touch, Ms. Adeife Adeyemi, CEO Nwandos Signature Events, Ms. Maria Nwonu and CEO, Blurange Consult, Mr. David Odunlami among others.

In his remark, Bashir said, “Without technology, there is no future in anybody’s life” and business, including event industry,” adding that “the world is dependent on so many things and most of them are tied to technology.”

“The event industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation due to rapid advancement in technology. One of the most evident impacts of technology on the event industry is enhancement of engagement and interaction.”

According to him, technology enhances how delegates experience events and secondly it is how organisers curate events using technology.

He said with technology, event organiser can engage more people for information such as feedback through Apps and tech platforms on real time.

Bashir who shared his experience in organizing events, especially destination marketing, says data has become instrumental to the success of their shows.  “When everybody registers for shows, you can listen to what the crowd says and use it to organise the next event”.

“We get expectations from would- be participants ahead of what they want to achieve from the summit or conference; during the event, people are asked to give insight into the quality of their engagement and at the end of the event, we use an app to get feedback to ascertain whether people’s expectations were met. It could be about food, lectures and engagements”, he said.

He also told the audience that technology can be expensive in the short term but beneficial in the long run as Chart GBT can be deployed for press releases, speech writing rather than hiring more people.

He however warned that while technology is beneficial, users need to be cautious about some challenges such as privacy concerns, ethical considerations and data security because some people are sensitive to how their information is shared.

Speaking on the importance of leveraging tech to grow business, Group CEO of Wakanow, Adedeji said, “In every business, data guides you to know what to build on tech, what you need on tech and your ability to leverage tech to grow your business.

He said “Data allows you to know where to go and what you are building. You cannot build tech for anyone, it might not talk to anyone or address everyone, it might not solve the problem that your customers are putting forward. And when you understand the customer through data you can then build, whether it is an observatory, whether it’s physical, whether it’s digital, whether it’s numbers or binary numbers. It’s about starting from data and it’s about starting from knowledge of your customers, knowledge of your market, knowledge of your people, what kind of payment do they like and that’s how you build,” he said.

Bisi Sotunde, the convener of the summit told the participants who are members of Well Watered Garden Tribe (WWGT) that their participation opens the door to a community that thrives on collaboration and shared knowledge.  According to her, WWGT is not just a network, it is a testament to the power of unity and growth.

Speaking to the media Olamide Waltong, CEO of Lamimo Event based in Lagos and Abuja described the event as insightful and inspiring. From what she learnt, she said will deploy as much tech as possible in her business. She commended Bisi for inspiring many people and trying to carry many people as she grows.

Similarly, Chibuike Chris of MC Event business said from the summit, innovation and tech make business stand out. In the short run it might be expensive but gainfully in the long run. Tech keeps a business ahead of the game and saves money, he said.

Onyekachi Odo, CEO of Zebulon Luxury event based in Abuja said the summit was amazing and impactful because technology is the way forward and infusing it into business is very important, she said the future is looking bright for operators in the event business with the emergence of technology.


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